Impacts of the Development

Indigenous Issues

The proponent has indicated that the local Aboriginal community at Yarrabah supports this development.  There are a number of members, in particular, elders in the Aboriginal community at Yarrabah who remain opposed to the development and the impact it will have on their community and the environemtn.

There is no evidence in the Public Environment Report (HLA-Envirosciences 2004) that the proponent has resolved all of the potential native title issues associated with such a development.  The road to the development goes through the Yarrabah Aboriginal Community’s land, and will therefore require an Indigenous Land Use Agreement to resolve any possible future acts associated with the development and their impact on native title rights and interests.  It is important that the Commonwealth ensures that all such issues are resolve prior to any approval to ensure there is no extinguishment of Native Title associated with e road development and the proposed infrastructure arrangements.

There are also no firm agreements about employment and opportunities associated with the development.  As the blocks themselves and the hotel will be sold to their parities, it is impossible for the proponent to at this stage say there will be significant employment opportunities for the people at Yarrabah.  Any such employment will depend entirely on the goodwill and willingness of any such owners to employ and provide suitable training in order to engage Aboriginal staff in the development.

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