Impacts of the Development

Impacts on Flora and Fauna


For trees with a girth greater than 400 mm, the proponent proposes these trees will be protected by requiring permission from the Chief Executive Officer of the Cairns City Council before they can be felled.

Cairns City Council has a poor track record for protecting native vegetation, so having to seek their permission to remove a tree is no protection. In addition, Council will be considering the legal implications if they fail to allow a tree to be felled and it crushes a house in the next cyclone these concerns are not consistent with maintenance of the natural values of the site.

Individual lots that are sold will be allowed to be cleared without any restriction under Queensland legislation for single lot dwellings. The building requirements of Council allow clearing to within six metres of proposed buildings. this means very significant amounts of vegetation will be cleared for the site, significantly increasing the visual impact of the development and degrading the habitat and vegetation values on site, and facilitating increased erosion into the marine environment.

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