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Reef Cove Resorts Limited proposes ultimately to create enough allotments to house some 1500 people, literally a new suburb for the City of Cairns. However, the new suburb is located 45 km by road from the city of Cairns (Figure 1), and is located 26 km off the major corridor of the Bruce Highway on the Yarrabah Road. Despite much talk over the years, there is no prospect of a bridge crossing the inlet, and ferry services are unlikely to be a viable proposition.

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Figure 1 - Map of area including False Cape site.

Provision of services to communities on the Yarrabah Road is likely to be costly and limited, and is reflected in the high costs of food in nearby Yarrabah. It is envisaged the development will incorporate retail facilities in the "Village Centre" (Figure 3), but these will not meet the full range of needs required by a modern community.

Table 1 lists services which residents might reasonably expect to access. Currently there are few of these services within the community. There are no health services of any kind, no shops, and no schools. The proponents development proposals give no mention to the provision of these essential human services, apart from retail outlets.

Children of school age from the East Trinity area are bussed to Gordonvale each day. There are no direct bus services available for students of private schools. The travel time required to access these services (Table 1) emphasises the isolated nature of False Cape. During the wet season, floods and landslips have been known to block the Yarrabah - Pine Creek Road for several hours.

We have observed elsewhere that the vegetation in coastal areas of the Nisbet and Murray Prior Ranges are subject to bushfires. Fortunately a Rural Fire Service operation is based in Second Beach, and is operated by community volunteers.

The long term viability of this community is questionable, as it is entirely dependent on motor transport for access to all services. The price of fossil fuels, which in the near future will increase markedly, will make isolated, poorly serviced, car-dependent communities such as False Cape increasingly unattractive for future investors.

Table 1 - Services Currently Available to False Cape Residents

Services Nearest Available Distance/Approx. Travel Time from Koombal
Shopping Centre Mt Sheridan Shopping Centre
Cairns Central Shopping Centre
35 km (30 min)
42 km (40-50 min)
Police Gordonvale 21.5 km (15 - 20 min)
Ambulance Gordonvale 21.5 km (15 - 20 min)
Rural Fire Service Second Beach On site
State Emergency Service Yarrabah
6 km (10 min)
21.5 km (15 - 20 min)
Hospital Gordonvale 21.5 km (15 - 20 min)
Doctor/Medical Centre Gordonvale 21.5 km (15 - 20 min)
Pre School Gordonvale 21.5 km (15 - 20 min)
State Primary School Gordonvale 21.5 km (15 - 20 min)
State High School Gordonvale 21.5 km (15 - 20 min)
Private Schools St Michael's College,Gordonvale
Trinity Anglican College, White Rock
21.5 km (15 - 20 min)37 km (30 mins)
James Cook University Cairns Campus Smithfield 61.7 km (60 min)
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