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Property Development

Council Planning Issues and Site Management

Investors wishing to develop properties at False Cape will need to satisfy stringent requirements of the Cairns City Council's Planning Scheme, the "CairnsPlan". In particular, the hillslopes development planning outcomes and codes listed in Chapter 4.6.6 of the CairnsPlan are directly relevant to the False Cape site. The Cairns City Council recognises the forested hillslopes above the coastal plain and river valleys as being landscape features representative of, and uniquely characteristic of the City. In order to protect the nature of the Cairns Hillslopes, CairnsPlan requires that:

  • Development does not have a detrimental impact on slope stability or erosion potential of the land;
  • Development maintains the safety of people, property and hazardous materials from the risk of landslide;
  • The landscape character and visual amenity quality of the hillslopes are retained and remain the scenic backdrop to the city;
  • Development is adequately and practically supplied with services, adequate and safe access, and can easily be reached by emergency vehicles;
  • Subdivision layouts and design is responsive to the natural constraints of the land, and each lot is capable of being used for its intended purpose (e.g. residential).

When applying to develop their land, each property owner must demonstrate an ability to satisfy these requirements in their application, for example by minimising vegetation clearance around their house. Given the nature of the False Cape site, it is likely that the engineering measures necessary for full property development will be expensive and time consuming.

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