Welcome to the False Cape website.

Reef Cove Resort Pty Ltd is proposing to place a large scale residential and resort development on False Cape, the steep, densely wooded peninsula which marks the eastern boundary of Cairns Harbour.

False Cape is of immense aesthetic, environmental and historical significance to the Cairns region, forming a natural green backdrop for which Cairns is justly famous.

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Aerial view of the False Cape site. The steepness of the site, and the cliffs overhanging much of the "Detached Dwelling" area, are obvious in this picture.

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Damage to the site from current works. November 2006.

The False Cape site is extremely steep and rocky, and is fronted not by sandy beaches, but by a rough bouldery foreshore as seen in the accompanying images. The property is densely forested and is in a largely natural state.

We believe the site is unsuitable for the type of the development proposed, and we provide information here to highlight the substantial safety and environmental issues associated with the development. In particular, we draw the attention of potential investors to issues relating to:

  • Property investors' ability to develop their land,
  • Natural hazards, including bushfires, dangerous animals and landslides,
  • Environmental and visual impacts,
  • Isolation.

This website has been prepared by the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC), and the Save our Slopes Community Action Group (SOS), with assistance from the Environmental Defender's Office of North Queensland (EDONQ).

Our purpose for this website is to provide some facts and expert opinions, including advice to Cairns City Council from its own officers, to balance the marketing hype of the development proponents.

In doing so, we hope visitors to this website will understand why so many people are opposed to the development proposal, and support us in our actions opposing it.

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